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1) New Incident is reported to ISOC by user or service desk (Remedy).
2) Contact the user.

2.1) Ask the user to send a copy of the original email as an attachment.         
      2.2) Perform header analysis of the spam email.
      2.3) Meanwhile ask Avanade Team to purge all the spam emails from recipient mail box.                  
      2.4) Avanade to block the spam e-mail ID on EOP
      2.4) If the e-mail contains any attachment perform thorough analysis on the same.
      2.5) If an attachment is found to be malicious, check if McAfee AV has the signature updated to detect the
             2.5.1) If McAfee AV is able to detect the malware then close the incident.
              2.5.2) If McAfee AV is unable to detect the malware then contact McAfee, submit the sample and get
                          the E-DAT deployed across Unilever estate.
       2.6) Close the incident.