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Continuous Improvement

1                  Introduction

1.1              Purpose

This document will set out the principles of continual service improvement within GSOC. This is to allow GSOC to continuously improve its services to keep up with the evolving threats and IT landscape.

1.2              Scope

All KPMG GSOC Personnel, including third parties handling Information Assets or using KPMG IT Assets are also required to comply with this policy. Member Firms are out of scope of this document.

The statements outlined in this document apply to all activities within the GSOC as well as those outside but requiring the involvement of the GSOC.  

1.3              Audience

All KPMG staff, suppliers and business partners involved with the operations of the GSOC, and representatives from member firms that have opted into the GSOC service should read and understand this policy document.

Any exceptions shall be managed and maintained.

Non-compliance may jeopardise the effectiveness and reputation of the GSOC.

2                  Policy Statements

2.1              Sources of feedbacks

The sections below describes the various feedback sources.

2.1.1          Internal

GSOC Personnel shall be free to submit feedback without prejudice.

2.1.2          External

Member Firms who have signed up to GSOC shall be free to submit their feedback. The format of feedback will be documented in MF Feedback template [2].

2.2              Review Sessions

All feedback captured shall be reviewed in the periodic review sessions. All changes must undergo the formal Change Management Process [1].

3                  References

Ensure that the references are in alphabetical order.