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Forensic Grab Bag

Following is a suggested list of items that a forensic collector must have to hand before landing on the scene:

Forensics Grab Bag
Essential Kit
Consent to Search Forms Computer Evidence Capture Forms Business Cards Crime Scene Barricade Tape Spare batteries First Aid KitList of Contact Telephone Numbers for Assistance Mobile Telephone to Stay in Touch Personal Protective Equipment as required Latex Gloves Goggles Electrostatic Protection
Search Kit
Case Processing Forms Cutting Instruments (Knife, Scissors, Clipper) Digital Camera (Still and Video both) with Flash, Spare Memory and a Tripod Envelopes Evidence Collection Bags (various sizes) Evidence Identifier Labels Evidence Seals / Tapes Label Writer Label Writer Spare Battery and Cartridges Latex Gloves Small Torches and Extra BatteriesA4 Paper in Clipboards Magnifying Glass Measuring Tape Evidential Notebooks Pens and Highlighters Permanent Markers Photographic Scale Plastic Bags Rubber Bands Voice Recorder Voice Recorder Memory and Batteries Tweezers / Forceps
Imaging Kit
Assorted SCSI Device Adaptors CDs (pack) DVDs (pack) Forensic Imaging Software Forensic Investigation Software Clean Bootable Media (USB, CD, DVD) Dongles Ethernet Card Write Blockers Various External Cables (USB, RJ45, FireWire, etc.) Mouse Multi-card reader PDA and Mobile Device Recovery Kit Power Adaptors Portable Media Reader and Cards TV ConnectorsRolls of Labels Rolls of Tape Hard Disk Bay Keys Hex-nut Drivers Pliers (various types) Star-type Nut Drivers Tweezers / Grabbers Wire strippers/Cutters Screwdriver Bits Screwdrivers (various heads) Secure-bit Drivers Specialized Screwdrivers (e.g., Compaq, Macintosh) Extension Cables Modem Cables Parallel Cable PC Internal Power Cables Flash-based Storage Media (Cards, Drives, etc.)
Package and Transport Supplies
Anti-static Bags Anti-static Bubble Wrap Faraday Bags / Boxes Cable Ties Evidence BagsEvidence Tape Packing Material – non electrostatic (avoid Styrofoam) Packing Tape Sturdy Packing Boxes (Various Sizes)